Bryant House

Renovations at the Historic Bryant House

If you’ve driven by the corner of 16th and M streets recently you surely noticed a lot of activity at the Bryant House. Our Grand Lady is finally getting a face lift, thanks to a grant from the Donald E. Nielsen Foundation of West Point.

During a 1989 home repair of the front porch, a Chase & Sandborn coffee can was discovered beneath the floorboards. Inside was a treasure trove of information—the Bryant House’s very own time capsule.

There were several 1912 editions of area newspapers, a few advertising flyers and a note handwritten by E. W. Bryant. Mr. Bryant wrote about the 1912 changes being made to the exterior of the house. “This house was built in 1890. And is a well built house,” he wrote. “This is the first outside alteration and a wide porch is not only the style but very convenient. We are also painting the house and barn. A light gray, with white trim.”

Studying documentation and viewing old photographs is helping return this home, as closely as possible, to its original beauty. It was determined the porch screens were not original to the home, and the decision was made to remove them. Doing this has exposed the beauty and charm of the wrap around porch and its large tapered columns, so popular at the turn of the century.

The road ahead is long and expensive but the board is committed to restoring this beautiful Tekamah treasure to its original grandeur. We will continue to fund raise and search for grants to help make this dream a reality. We sincerely appreciate your interest and continued support.

Check out the  restoration work-in-progress below!!!